Welcome to M&A Media Group
M&A Media Group is an investment advisory firm dedicated to creating and expanding successful ventures in the media, entertainment, communications and related industries. M&AMG provides media and entertainment entrepreneurs with opportunity assessments and strategic advisory services. The firm was founded as a holding company in 1999 with media assets in Athens, Greece “Greek Media Ventures (GMV)” by Michael A. Krafft and restructured in 2007 as a global investment banking advisory firm. The firm provides access to sources of debt and equity that is not readily available to other firms, but is fairly-priced. Typical transaction structures which M&AMG’s private equity funds have used include:
  • Management buyouts and buy-ins
  • Expansion or acquisition financings
  • Leveraged recapitalizations
  • Leveraged buildups
  • “Going private” transactions
  • Strategic and corporate partnerships

M&AMG’s industry specialization allows our client companies to benefit from our industry relationships and operating expertise, as well as our flow of transactions. Our proven team is comprised of former media industry executives and corporate finance professionals who each enjoy more than 20 years experience in refining the successful investment strategies and philosophies that are used by M&AMG.

Our principals and advisors have been dedicated to maximizing operating profits and stakeholder returns at the companies and clients where they have made decisive contributions. Our consistent focus has been on achieving operational excellence across global markets in the attractive media, entertainment and communications sectors.

Our geographic focus is global, and our media sub-sector focus is on:

  • Broadband Services
  • Filmed Entertainment: Production Finance & Libraries
  • Television Networks: Broadcast & Cable
  • Television Distribution: Cable, Satellite, IP
  • Recorded Music & Catalogues
  • Themed Entertainment & Franchises
  • Content Rights: Scripted, Sports, Music, Reality, Factual, Kids
  • Video Games
  • Mobile Media
  • Magazine and Newspaper Publishing: Print & Internet
  • Radio & Out-of-Home Advertising


M&AMG clients who are working with our Consultants to develop and implement their IPTV, VOD and mobile video strategies include:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Broadcasters and cable channels
  • IPTV networks
  • Leading consumer brands
  • Video producers and rights holders
  • Broadband content providers
  • Educational content owners
  • Print and magazine publishers
  • Internet publishers
  • Satellite and telephone networks
  • Cellular and wireless networks
  • Software developers
  • Technical service providers
  • CPE vendors
  • Governments, including municipalities
  • Leading foundations, and many others


M&AMG maintains an international network consisting of:

  • Private equity firms, who finance communications, media and entertainment buyouts and investments;
  • Industry executives and entrepreneurs in key foreign markets and in the U.S, with whom we work to build or turnaround media and entertainment companies and assets;
  • Strategic partners within the media and entertainment industries;
  • Professional third parties who assist us in identifying quality opportunities and performing due diligence where required.


  • Advise media and entertainment companies on sale or transition of business
  • Advise private equity firms on acquisition of or investment in companies
  • Advise corporations on divestiture of subsidiaries
  • Provide interim management and domain expertise
  • Develop short and long-term strategy for foreign market penetration
  • Create and maintain strategic relationships with leading media companies
  • Create joint ventures and license agreements in key markets worldwide
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